Dawn Steeves is a self-taught visual artist based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Although she has practiced in many media and artistic disciplines, her current pursuits involve mostly oil paint and metal leafing on canvas.

"Talking about what informs my practice would be reversing my natural approach to art, as I generally make the work, and then the art informs me—like analysing dreams. I would have to say that my work has taken a turn in the last six months or so, influencing me to research human constructs and the different sorts of intellectual structures we have set up for ourselves in our societies and civilization that keep us apart and separate from our natural surroundings; distracted and feeling like we are out of time and out of touch. The intention of my overall practice is to produce a body of work which reflects possible outcomes and perhaps suggests solutions to this by pointing out and breaking down some of the structural components of our tendencies as humans. My (artwork) intends to speak to anyone who has asked themselves, 'Who are we and where do we fit in the natural world?' ”